What Is A Psychic?

What is a Psychic?


According to the secular environment, a psychic tells the future or reveals personal details concerning a place, person, or circumstance. The naïve person would see this demon-filled person and Yahweh's prophet as the same stream of spiritual drinking, an outlet of telling the future. It's a dangerous perception to view both groups (the psychic and Yahweh's prophet) in the same plan since the psychic reports to Satan.


With a psychic, their main gathering of information stems from spirit beings known as demons. These demons once were God's angels who turned against Yahweh and rebelled. With these other ways of spiritual seeing, the gathered details stem from wisdom heard in Yahweh's private sessions with His prophets, messages released into the spirit realm, and the demons that follow the person to observe their private living.


No psychic is a real Christian. At the same time, no true prophet can live entirely without sin due to being in this fallen world, yet Yahweh gives a certain way in preparation and spiritual stripping to stabilize His servant and keep him or her firm in the faith when working His work details. Yahweh removes a prophet from duty when they continually disobey Him. When there is no open channel of the wisdom and will from Yahweh's plan, a real servant would have to resort to using demons if they want to give a fake presentation of hearing from Yahweh. The psychic will always resort to their demon outlets, and they also let a demon enter their flesh for a "power" way to appear higher in occultic actions.


Never go to a séance, a tarot card or palm reading. Never entertain horoscopes or play Ouija board games. Stay holy unto Yahweh. Read His Word and pray to Him for wisdom and reliable counsel. Yahweh has real servants in the earth, bringing a shifting plan in the realms and regions.

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