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Power Over Death

A Movie Script...Will One Day Become An Actual Movie


By Writer Seersgate

The Great Holy Spirit is the Author


"Upcoming blockbuster in the making"
"A film that deals with the supernatural aspects of life"
"Guaranteed to make you think about your reality today and into the future"

– The Great Holy Spirit


Rapture reflects the circumstances we face, whether or not we choose darkness or light. The choices are obvious to you as you watch those on film live their lives. Many are oblivious to the fact that eternity is in the making, and each decision counts. You will see the supernatural realm as never before, but wish you had not because your eyes are now open. Now you know for yourself that you are not alone. Now you have to choose between God and Satan, between Heaven and Hell, before Christ's second coming.

Rapture (movie)


Dialog from Act One

Rapture, the movie: coming in Yahweh's timing.

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